THE GROUND IN MY ENNEMY CONTEST A Story by Snapman   The Ground is my ennemy contest was today. Snapman was climbing hard and winning. Go Snapman ! Go ! Snapman won !!! The mayor gave him the first place prize, one million dollars !!! With a million dollars, Snapman finally had enough money to be truly happy. He bought a fast car and smiled. Then, he bought a huge house with golden gates. He smiled even bigger. Finally, he bought a huge wardrobe of the hypest clothes and shoes. Now his life was perfect and he had the biggest smile ever ! Snapman woke up on his crash-pad with the porno channel flickering through the scrambles, and realized it had all been a dream. He smirked and knew he could never be happy because he didn't have hardly any money. Snapman put his thumb back on the remote control and began changing channels like he always did. It was sad too, because Snapman had so much potential and talent ; he would have made a great rich man. The end.   Back