Don't disturb your move. 100% useful equipment, only in case of need. That's our job. For stronger climbing. 100% new school designed equipment to grip holds in style. That's our stuff. For more aesthetic climbing. 100% hi-tech equipment, not just for brutes. That's our trip. For more technical climbing. Okay ? If you are not Snapped, you are not prepared. Snap, for an imaginative and alternative climbing.   Tech : CNC tooling. We exclusively use CNC (Computer Numerically Controled) tooling to manufacture all our hardware. Forging and casting were for our Grand Dads ! The superiority of digital technology (image, sound) applies to tooling, too : nothing is as good as a precise drawing on a big PC, converted into tool trajectories. Result : a finish without burrs, forge marks, or casting bubbles.   Style No superflous style. It is the function of every component of our products which determines its look and its shape. In all the pieces of our arsenal, you will find (apparent) simplicity, ultimate sobriety, that is to say the strict minimum, for maximum efficiency. Pure guenine equipment, to fit you exactly. Look for, and you always will find, the killer detail.   Damn ! 100% of Snap products are made in France.   Climber's SARL - BP16 - 74400 Les Praz-de-Chamonix   home

Monumental Klimbing by Thibaut and Timy